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SliteResume's online resume builder helps you create a perfect resume based on pre-formatted designs and templates. It barely takes less than 10 minutes to create a resume. You have the option to export your resume as a JPG or Pdf file.

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Once you are satisfied with your resume, you can choose to submit your resume for job discovery. If the resume meets the quality, our review team would then approve your request and your profile will be visible to recruiters.

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SliteResume for business asks recruiters a series of questions and uses machine learning to create a perfect match. Once the request is approved, we use advanced algorithms to pair right recruiters with you.

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We recommend your profile to recruiters basis on their criteria for the job requirement. A recruiting manager can choose to connect with you over phone or email. You must pass their expectation and voila, you can start your new job.

What people are saying about us

I used Sliteresume as a fresher and the results were astounding. I received 6 interview invitations in less than a week.

I loved the Sliteresume experience. It's super easy to use with loads of features and great templates.

I was looking for a job in my hometown and Sliteresume's job discovery helped me with that.

Premium Features

Export in any Format

With premium, you can download your resume as a JPG or Pdf file.

Premium Support

We are available to help you with your resume 7 days a week.

Match with recruiters

Connect with right recruiters with our machine learning algorithms.

Resume proof-reading

Our resume experts proof-reads your resume and help you improve it.

Career Counselling

Our experts are always ready to help you with career and resume writing.

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With premium, we can help you with your presence on LinkedIn.