9 Top Tips and Tricks to Follow to Get the Campus Placement

Getting the right job is a very tough situation for every student. A student never gets admission in a job for getting the best education but also gets admission for getting placed at the top and the reputed companies.

The first job of the student is the one on which his career completely depends upon. During the last year of the college lots of companies come for Hiring Drive, to pick the best employees for their company. This is in fact the most crucial time for a student, as there is very hard competition among the student to grab their dream job. Only the talented, professional and the bright student can get placement during that time period.

Do you know that there are several tips and tricks that can make you get selected for the campus placement? If not, then from this blog we will make you aware regarding all of those tips and tricks. So, just have a look at all you need to know for a successful run during the placement tips -

1. Make a research

After knowing that a particular company is conducting its placement at your college, first of first, you need to perform little bit research about the company  which includes researching about the history, about them, their services, their financial situation, etc because such things can be asked during the HR round from the candidate.

2. Check for the selection round of the company

Every company follows its own selection process, so you should have a complete idea regarding that selection process. You can check this from their official website or by connecting with their team over a social network that can be LinkedIn or Face book.

4.Choose the right dressing sense

Dressing sense is the first thing that the interviewer examines in a candidate before starting an interview session. So, be formal while going for the interview round, try not to wear jeans or anything which is casual. For girls, they should go for formal wear too.

5. Prepare yourself for the aptitude test

Most of the companies, conduct their aptitude test to hire the right talent for their company. So, going for the placement session you should be prepared for the aptitude round where you have the answer the questions regarding Math, English and logical reasoning.

6. Make a perfect resume

Since the resume is that part of the selection process which can never be ignored and by going through the resume the selectors select the right candidate for their company. Make your resume in the right manner so, that everyone will be impressed and make it short and straight forward so that the selectors can easily understand all about your skills.

7. Sharpen your communication skills

After the education, the second thing which is also very much important is communication skills. Even though, during the placement session there can be group discussion round, where a student has to take part into the group discussion round and it is assumed that the candidate who is having the right communication skills can pass the round of group discussion easily.

You should follow tips and tricks that can boost your communication skills which are reading a book, watching Hollywood movies or reading a newspaper. Start speaking in front of the mirror and then start writing all of your mistakes and then correct all of those mistakes slowly.

7. Feel confident and have a positive attitude

Having a positive attitude is the only thing that the candidate must have during the interview session. Before going for an interview always try to be confident and never hassle during an interview session. Being nervous can make you get out of the placement session.

8. Make your technical skills sharp

If you are going to get placed for an IT company, then you may have some of the programming skills and during the placement session there can be the technical round; and during which you have to answer the technical questions to go for the final round of the interview session. Go through all of your major books to answer all of the questions that will be asked to you.

9. Make a portfolio

Make a portfolio in which you have to showcase all of the projects that are handled by you during your college time-period. This will make the interview cleared regarding all of your technical skills. This will also showcase your learning ability as well as this will show them whether you are able to work in a team or not. Moreover, this will get them learned about your creativity level.

Mistakes That You Should Avoid During Your Placement Session

  • Most of the times, it has been seen that the students are unable to reach for the placement session on time. So, if you are a student or a job seeker – do set the time right and reach the place on time.
  • While going for an interview session, just keep your entire documents ready which includes your education certificates, training, etc and make sure that your resume will be updated and it does not have any grammatical error.
  • While going for the HR session or any other session, make sure that you should shake hands with the interviewer and it must be in a professional manner.During the HR session, a student must be asked to "tell us about yourself" and a candidate must answer this in 3 to 4 lines. A good answer should not go beyond this limit.
  • Get ready to answer your weaknesses while going for the interview.
At least, for a fresher, it is very much difficult to get the first job of their career. Besides having skills, it is very much important for a student to have the right etiquettes  for getting placed for the job. Moreover, he should these entire discussed placement tips in order to get their first dream job of their career.
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