Tips for Telephonic interview | Nailing the Preliminary interview round

The most common preliminary step post the shortlisting of resume is - the telephonic interview round. Employers use this method to identify the candidate's suitability for the available position.
This is an ideal option to narrow the pool of candidates for the one to one interview session. Furthermore, this method is a cost-effective solution for both the interviewer and interviewee.
Remember the telephonic round is an important step in getting selected for the job. So here are a few important tips for a telephonic interview process that will help you to get that dream job.

About Telephonic Interview Round

If you are looking for a suitable job and have applied with multiple companies for job then it is important to be prepared to attend a telephonic round of interview.

For some companies, the process is an opportunity to discuss the job with the outstation applicants and to understand the interest of such candidate in the present offering. Usually, the interview is scheduled in advance for the benefit of both parties. In special cases, you may receive a surprise call as well to check out your preparedness.

Thus, it is always advisable to answer any unknown numbers with a polite and professional tone of voice. Also, such a telephone number must not have any kind of unprofessional dial tone.

Likewise, if you are presently not able to answer the call or are at the workplace, write a quick professional text message to the number.

Important Tips for F Interview :

  • First of all, prepare for an interview in a manner similar to the personal interview session. Prepare a list of your personal and professional achievements to sail through the process. Likewise, keep your credentials for the telephonic discussion on your tips.
  • If you have a heads-up on the recruitment process, be ready with details like - company profile and its positive aspects.
  • Match the company and job details with your Strengths and detail as to how you can be an asset for the above company.
  • Keep your resume close to you for having a quick reference.

NOTE: To make it more easy to understand, we will further breakdown this into three major categories -

  1. Pre-telephonic interview tips
  2. Tips during the interview call
  3. Post interview call tips

Before the Telephonic Interview Call Tips

  1. Practice interview - Like a personal interview, the telephonic interview is a critical process. For this, practice sessions can prove to be extremely useful. Understand that you need to be clear about yourself as you won't have the opportunity to clarify the situation through body gestures. Therefore, confidence should resonate with your voice. Avoid using fumbling errors like "uhms" and too many okays. Alternatively, you can do a mock telephonic session with friends or family. Don't sound like a cramming parrot yourself.
  2. Preparing for the call - Be sure to confirm the exact timing of the call and the person who will be making the call. On the other hand, if you have received a call, be sure to jot down these details for yourself. In case no call is received, don't panic. You will surely receive the call soon.
  3. LinkedIn presence - Another important step to be taken into account is to create a LinkedIn profile (and use it too). This step will help the employer to check out the important aspects of your personality. Hence, create a formal LinkedIn profile to help you gain an upper edge.

Pro Tip: If all this is not possible, opt for a recorder to hear yourself out and see your shortcomings during the whole process. This is important to make a lasting impression on the interviewer.

During the Telephonic Interview Call Tips

  1. Remember your etiquettes - Always answer your call yourself. Further, if you are busy then seek sorry and ask for rescheduling the interview. Always use a quiet and private place to face the interview. Turn off any kind of disturbance or noise.
  2. Don't panic - Listen quietly to what the interviewer has to say. Don't interrupt until the question is finished. Only speak when asked to. In case you have not heard properly, ask again and reply. Have a pen and paper to note the Important points for discussion. While addressing the interviewer, use the last name only.
  3. Do Smile - Have a glass of water in hand for quick gulp in case you get too nervous. Using this technique, you will gain the upper hand suitably. Likewise, try to smile to change the tone of the voice and lend enthusiasm. This creates a positive image on the mind of the interviewer.
  4. Focus and listen -  Wherever possible, speak to a minimum. Allow the interviewer to form an image of your achievements in his mind. Likewise, speak slowly and carefully. Avoid unnecessary babble. Do ask relevant questions (if asked to).  

Remember, the telephonic round is the precursor to the actual interview. Try to make yourself sound genuinely interested in the position by asking relevant information.

Post the Telephonic Interview Call Tips

Post call tips for telephonic interview include the following -

  1. Follow up with the company - As soon as the interviewer ends his phone call, make sure to ask for the next interview rounds. Do remember to make an immediate response of thanks to the interviewers' phone call through text. You can further try out an email as the best alternative. Once again, keep this conversation brief and polite. Do not go for long text messages (these will do more harm than good). If you have received no phone call post the telephonic round, do remember to make a general query to the status of the application process
  2. Take notes - Post the call, review your present phone call and evaluate your positive and negative response. This is important to understand the shortcomings of the present call and make sure to avoid it in the future.

Nailing Down the Session

The bottom line for nailing down the interview process is definitely to keep your options open for attending the interview session. Moreover, the opportunity if handled correctly can result in a great job offer.

SliteResume has compiled these tips for the telephonic interview in relation to the interests of the employers. So the next time you have to face interview on a telephone do remember to keep these important tips in mind.
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