Resume writing for BBA students - 7 Tips to get that dream job

Today we bring you the best of resume writing for BBA students to get you that job that you always wished for.

As you come closer to the placement session, you get butterflies flying around in the stomach. The first step to getting that dream job is definitely having an excellent resume.

Further, online searches reveal large numbers of such resumes, each with a different format. You are perplexed as to which one to follow. Such a dilemma is common seeing the huge options available for use. So which one should be the best suited for the needs of a BBA student?

We brainstormed with top organizations and have gained a few tips for the use in the resume of a BBA fresher pass out student.

Tips for making an excellent resume

Undoubtedly, the best of resume writing for BBA students must include the following tips :

1. Resume Summary

By using the resume summary at the top of your resume, you manage to create a strong first impression. Such a summary may have a brief statement of your skills and your efficiency for the job.

Using this, a Human Resource Manager is easily able to gain insight into the critical factors of your personality. Thus, make it brief and readable. However, don’t exaggerate.

2. Nail the First Impression

“The first impression is the last impression” - goes the age-old adage.

This is perfectly relevant for resume writing as well. Since, the Human Resource Manager has to scrutinize multiple resumes for a job, making your resume stand-out is important.

For a fresher, one or two-page resumes are sufficient. One must also not go overboard with the designing part yet it must look sophisticated.

Start the resume with important information like your credentials and name. Many tips for resume writing for BBA students may ask you to add photograph. However, this step is completely optional. If you wish to include your photograph, ensure that it is taken in formals and good visibility.

  • Highlight your name. This can be done by using a bigger font for the same.
  • Use a single font in the resume and avoid using overtly stylish fonts.
  • Stick to traditional fonts like Times New Roman for building the resume.

3. Highlight your Educational Credentials

Each business has its own demands and requires a specific set of degrees or certifications. Include all these under the Education section. This is especially important if you are a fresh graduate.

In case you have undertaken any short term diploma or certification program related to business and management, be sure to include it in this section. It is suggested to enlist all these in the form of reverse chronological order.

This means - BBA followed by Senior secondary and secondary classes.

4. Experience and Internships

If you have any previous experience in a related field or have undertaken an internship during the course of your BBA, include these in a separate section. Like the educational credentials, these too must be listed as a reverse-chronological format.

Pro Tip: Do highlight the important designations undertaken during the time and responsibilities handled.

A word of caution, however - avoid going all too sugary on yourself. Highlight only the aspects that can be authenticated by the authorities. It is highly important to corroborate these aspects later on in the interviewing process.

The usual interview questions are centered around the facts mentioned by you in your resume. So, do not brag unnecessarily. Keep it brief.

NOTE: Further, highlight important aspects of such an experience in the form of a bulleted list.

Moreover, you may include voluntary activities undertaken by you in the past. Use the full name of the companies in question and the tasks performed. Avoid using SMS lingo in the resume as it creates a huge negative impression on the Human Resource Managers and executives screening your resume.

5. Detail your Achievements

If you have achieved success during your college and school days, it must form part of this section. Likewise, if you have been associated with the NSS, NCC and Rotaract clubs, etc, these can also be included.

Achievements in Youth, Cultural and Sports events must be covered.  Similarly, any project was that undertaken by you that was well-received can also form the part of this section.

6. Tailor the Resume

Despite all of the above-mentioned inclusions, the best resume writing for BBA students must be designed according to the specific job requirements. There may be some essential changes necessary for drawing attention to your profile. These may include keywords that may attract the search in Artificial Intelligence software.

Avoid adding cliches like hard-worker, over and beyond, etc. to your resume. These are highly overused and rarely add up to your abilities. Tailoring the parts of the resume according to the job can be highly useful. This means for a marketing profile, mention the events that display your marketing skills or managerial acumen.

7. Proofread the Resume

Before hitting the send button on your email, be sure to proofread your resume for any grammatical and subjective errors. A resume with misspelled words will not create positive outcomes. Thus, re-read the resume and all the important facts again.

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