Resume Tips to Follow that Helps You Land a Job in 2020

The job market is more saturated than ever. Research has shown that recruiters spend 6 secs on average to review a resume. So it becomes hard for candidates to stand out from the pile of resumes when every resume looks the same.

It is becoming difficult for new job seekers to land a job. Below are the Top Resume Tips to follow that helps you get a job in 2020.

1. Include Only the Most Relevant Information

Adding all the information that you have will kill your chances of getting shortlisted. In contrast, give only the information that is the absolute necessity for the resume.


  1. Filter out the irrelevant information such as minor training or language courses, unless the job requirement has specifically asked for it.
  2. If you are a senior-level employee with 10-15 years of experience, you can filter the job you had 10 years ago.

2. Put the Most Important Information First

Prioritize to put the most important and relevant information first in the resume. It would help to draw attention to the most important part of your resume. Since the recruiters spend only 6 seconds, your key skills and achievements must stand out.

3. Use Active Voice for Achievements

Don't use the passive voice to explain key information in your resume. Using the passive voice will downplay your accomplishments and you'll be seen as unassertive personality.

Instead, use active voice to showcase your achievements and skills. Using the active voice gives the clear idea that you are responsible for the achievement in hand.

4. Shine With Your Important Achievements

When you are creating a resume, think of it as a marketing document that you are using to sell yourself.

Showcase your key achievements and the core skillset. Let your resume speak for you and illustrate why you are the perfect match for the job requirement.

If you have a relatable achievement or reference that might be interesting to the recruiter, mention that key achievement first.

5. Use First Half of Your Resume for Important Stuff

When the recruiters scan your resume, they start skimming from the top and then move to the bottom area. So, always use the first half to your resume to showcase your most important achievements or activities.

Read the job description thoroughly and try to understand what is important for the recruiter. Use the first half to address those achievements and skills.

6. Limit Your Resume to a Single Page

The recruiters are spending 6 seconds on average to scan a resume. If they are not satisfied with the first page, they will never reach the second or the third page. Limit your resume to one page, and keep it up to date and concise as possible.

Use two or multi-column templates to improve the layout for your resume. Two-column layouts help you address the same information in lesser space.

7. Only Include Sections You Need

Don't forget to skim and remove the irrelevant information that you don't need now. Example remove the training or languages courses if it is irrelevant to the job you are applying for.

8. Use Professional Fonts to Improve Readability

Cursive fonts not only deteriorates readability but also make it hard on the eyes. Don't use cursive or bold fonts that make it bad to look at.

Use professional fonts to improve readability. Use proper headings and emphasize the key skills and achievements to make them stand out. Limit the colours used in your resume to 2-3 colours only.

9. Make Your Contact Info Prominent

Make sure that your contact information is the start of your resume. You need to add your address to your resume but always add your professional email or a phone number where hiring managers can contact you.

You should also add other profiles like LinkedIn, Skype or Facebook where recruiters can find you. If you have a blog or website, always add the link to your blog/ website.

10. Use Quantitative Data Where Possible

It's a proven fact that adding numbers to the text not only improves readability but also improves the credibility of the text. Use numbers in your summary or experience objectives.

Example: If you improve the website bounce rate of a marketing campaign, use numbers to show improvement. Improved website bounce rate from 45% to 13% for a shoe shopping website.

11. Don't Use Meaningless Buzzwords

Hiring managers get turned away if you use too many of the buzzwords in a short span. Don't use the buzzword like "Best of breed", "top of the class", "excellent leader" unless you have the proof to back your claim.

Limit your use of meaningless words unless they are serving a purpose. Add only the information in your resume that provides value to the hiring manager.

12. Scan the Job Post and Use Keywords Accordingly

Don't use a single resume for all the job posts you are applying for. Scan the job post and figure out what the hiring professionals are looking for.

Suppose the job description is asking for a marketer with programming experience. Mention your programming hobbies or the skills you have related to the programming. Always add the references, achievements or courses that are related to the job descriptions.

13. Get Help From Professionals

Creating a resume for yourself is not easy. It takes time and skills to create a perfect resume. Even though if you read tons of articles on creating a perfect resume. It is possible to miss a factor or another.

There is where Resume Experts are helpful, they can identify the key achievements in your resume and create a perfect resume for you. Click Here to learn more about Resume Direct, where experts write resumes that get you hired. They use the right keywords to highlight the career accomplishments that help you land your dream job.

Crafting a perfect resume not only helps you to create a good impression but also improves the chances of getting hired. As it's a well known saying "The first impression walks to the Last". Follow these tips to curate an impressive resume that helps you get more job offers and eventually get the job you ever dream for.
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