Quick Placement Tips for MCA Students

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Placement Tips for MCA Students

Campus placement is a season whereby there is possible enthusiasm in the air. With long sessions are taken by MCA students in honing their skill set, these placement days can be tiring.

A lot of students end up being dejected on not getting the right job offer.

Thus, before taking up the main topic, let's undertake few Placement tips for MCA students to be used even before actually appearing for the interview.

Brush that (Programming) Language Skills

One of the most important Placement tips for MCA students is to get command over your basic coursework. Thus, one needs to have a good grip over OOPS Concepts, C, C++, Python, etc.

These are specifically important if you wish to seek out a career as a Software developer or coding expert. So, how to do this? Practice makes a man perfect says an old adage. This is likewise true for MCA students as well.

Furthermore, brush up your subject basics like those related to data structures, algorithms, Database Management System (DBMS), etc. It is also advised to have a basic understanding of subjects like - Operating systems and computer networks for the best results.

Further, attend online practice tests for the best results. Also, search for the recruitment tests for the company you are applying for. This will help you keep up with industry trends and opportunities.

Upgrade Yourself to Version 2.0!

Even if you are not in the final year but are interested in Placement tips for MCA then it is important to upgrade your existing skills.

Use the opportunity to intern at local businesses at both paid or unpaid work experience. This will show your commitment to excellence and learn. Furthermore, you will be to build networking skills and professional development opportunities.

Similarly, contribute to the college activities or fests to polish the leadership and teamwork skills. Seek professional help with the best of the mentorship programs available through the college.

Keep the Resume Updated

Work super hard to gain relevant job opportunities. For the above-mentioned subject, build your own website to showcase your talent. Create Portfolios, include projects, make Case Studies and you are all set.

Equally important Placement tips for MCA students are having a great resume in hand. You need to have a Professional Resume ready before appearing for the above placement session.

Also, create a LinkedIn Profile with a formal display image and delink the same from the immature social media accounts.

Iterate over the customization of the resume to suit the needs of the employers. For more help on building your perfect resume, contact us for SliteResume Resume writing services.

Facing the Interview

A typical placement session has the following steps -

  • Preliminary round or Skill tests
  • Group discussion session
  • Personal interview session

It is important to spend time honing your guns for the big day.

This means that a comprehensive range of learning avenues need to be fulfilled.

Tip: For this purpose, seek the help of college mock interview sessions or alternatively set up a mock Interview role play with your friends.

During the preliminary rounds, only your computer abilities and coding skills can get you through. These are important factors in the selection process for an MCA student.

Post this, the actual phase of the HR interview begins. Here one needs to be able to provide insight into the self standards and personality. This is one of the most crucial factors for your success.

Here are a few Campus Placement tips for MCA students for clearing the interview phase -

  • These interviews are designed to understand you on the personal and professional front. Your confidence is the first key to clear the interview. Be ready for the common interview question - Tell me about yourself. Be sure to give a brief (2-4 minutes) overview of your personal and professional achievements.
  • Work on language skills. Speak clearly and confidently. It is a good idea to speak slowly yet clearly to get the panel attuned to you
  • Walk into the room with confidence and be sure to greet all the members of the selection committee.
  • Do carry copies of the resume and credentials in a new folder or document bag. However, do not fumble as it will make you tumble! :p
  • Dress up in formals and keep those fashionable looks for later days. Wherever possible, go traditional in approach. Shave the beard and cut those rude fingernails. Your dress should be an extension of your seriousness towards gaining the offer. Also, keep those shoes squeaky clean!
  • Appear in control of yourself. Smile politely and respectfully. If you are not able to provide a relevant answer, say sorry. Everyone loves honesty (so does the interviewer).
  • Try to focus on all members of the panel. Some members may deliberately appear indifferent to you, try to include them in the conversation. This will help you gain a considerable advantage in the selection process.
  • Do not cross your legs, scratch your face or arms when nervous. Think briefly before answering.
  • In the end, thank all of the panel members for sparing their time and giving you this opportunity. Close the session with a confident handshake.
  • Remember, your entry and exit are two Important judgment areas. Hence, exit from the interview room gracefully. Girls should avoid wearing shoes that squeak or are too noisy. These will do more harm than good.

Some More Tips for Acing the Placement Session

Stop worrying about the job. Both you and the interviewer are in equal need to fill the position.

Do not go overboard with impressing the members. Likewise, do not use humour to answer questions. Keep it subtle, silly!

Use networking skills and interact with alumni and seniors to get a head-up on the process.

Make sure to do your research on the company before making the giant leap. Furthermore, even if you are not able to ace this session, remember that you have a best friend in SliteResume Recruitment Services!
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