Practical career tips to help you with a quarter-life crisis

Most of the college graduates or freshers starting out in the corporate world might be feeling a serious low point in their life. I have experienced the same thing after I graduated and transitioned to working professional life.

This is very common for people in their mid-twenties and thirties. When I graduated in 2015, I was getting anxious about the type of career I'll have or the amount of success I'll get with the chosen career option.

I questioned myself every day whether the decisions I am making are right for me or not. In the last 3 years, I changed 6 jobs😨 from IT Security to Software developer  and now I am settled with Business Analyst. 😆

Still, I am not sure if this is the right job for me. I just know that I've always been very curious about businesses and numbers. So, the current job combines the best of the two worlds. But to make it easy for you I would highly suggest you to follow this.

Throughout the course of my career, I changed three cities and now settled to Chandigarh. So all the people out here are having a quarter-life crisis so you are not alone.👍

This article is a collection of 4 tips that I wish I had known when I was going through the same rough time.

1. Research well before joining a company

This is the most common thing people desperate to have a job forget about.

Tip: Before you start sending out the resumes to all the companies in the world, take a good moment and figure out what do you want to do.

If you want to work, you need to provide value to a company. You must decide what kind of value do you want to provide and how are you going to provide the value?

  • Research out on the type of job that you want to have.
  • Figure out the roles you will be filling with your job profile.
  • Talk to a person working in a similar profile and ask them what do they like or dislike about the job.

2. Polish your CV and complete your LinkedIn profile

When I was changing my job profile in 2017, I was using the same resume that I created in college. I did not update the resume. My resume was just dull and boring. I got rejected multiple times and then sent my resume to a friend who works as an HR Recruiter.

She told me that my resume is dull and that is why people are ignoring it. So, I think this is very important even if you are just starting out.

NOTE: Update your resume with your recent accomplishments

  • Add your training or internship experience if you have any
  • Add your certifications or references
  • Create and update your LinkedIn profile

3. Don't limit yourself to campus placements

Most of the people looking for a job never attend any Off-campus placements. If you are limiting yourself to campus placements, then you are missing out a huge opportunity.

Most colleges have a partnership with a type of companies. So if you want to apply for a company outside of college preferred companies, then you must go outside the college.

  • Attend Job Seminars or placements drives
  • Compete in hackathons or competitions related to your desired job
  • Connect with people at job meetups or drives

4. Follow up with employers

The first job that I worked on was related to data analysis. I applied for a company and they told me to wait for 3-4 working days. I was certain to get the job as the interview went very well. But instead, I didn't hear from them for 1 week.

So, running out of patience I emailed the HR team and asked for a follow-up.

I was very hesitant first but gathered the courage to do so. I got the Job. The whole team was very busy with a large project, so my interview slipped from their mind. If I hadn't emailed them, then I wouldn't have got the job.


I know when you are looking for a job, it's very easy to dishearten after a few rejections from recruiters. This article would help you to stay positive during the whole process. Always remember that resume is very important, polish, update and follow up is the key.

Final Tip: Do proper research on the type of career that you want to have and follow up with employers if you don't get any response in a given time.
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