Placement Tips for BBA Students - Guide to securing the best job!

Today we discuss an important aspect of management students life - Placement. Our recruitment panel at SliteResume brings out some Critical Placement Tips for BBA Students.

As the academic year comes to an end, the colleges across the nation start buzzing with a new wave of enthusiasm thanks to the placement offers from big corporates. This is a golden opportunity for a management graduate to prove himself and his skills. Sadly, a few are not able to make the cut due to varied reasons and end up being dejected. Here we enlist the best Placement Tips for BBA Students to avoid such a scenario.

Top Placement Tips for BBA Students

As wannabe managers, the young BBA Turks are expected to be using smart strategy and basic intelligence to gain confidence in the interview panel. A list of all such Smart Placement Tips for BBA Students are listed below -

  1. Nail that Resume - Having a good resume is the first step to gaining the upper edge in the placement process. Spend time on making your resume viable for the organization in question. Further, you can evaluate your present resume using the SliteResume special resume services and subsequently attain that job of your dreams.
  2. Research the game - It is highly critical for a student to do his homework regarding the organization he is appearing for. Obviously, you will impress the panel when you appear to have read about the company and its critical aspects like - history, organizational values, vision, mission, etc. This goes a long way in preparing you for what lies ahead and also to understand the organizational goals. Moreover, such research displays your enthusiasm and intent for undertaking the professional endeavour with the company.  Likewise, research should also include the latest happenings in the business environment of the organization. Use this opportunity to display your managerial acumen.
  3. Dress right and focus on your body language - It is best to dress conservatively while attending the placement session.  It is good to dress right and in formals.  Remember, the first impression is the last impression. Dressing too fashionably or wrong hairstyling choice can end up making a wrong impression. Likewise, avoid the chunky and metallic accessories at all costs.  During the whole process, keep yourself in control over your body language. Avoid slouching or scratching at all costs.
  4. Research the selection process - By researching the company, you understand well about the critical factors for the business and align your strengths to prove beneficial in the work process. However, before facing the interview panel, you may have to undergo other selection preliminary rounds like - an Aptitude test, GD, etc. You will be easily able to find appropriate mechanisms to master these skills. On the other hand, you may seek the help of alumni or employees to seek first-hand information.
  5. Understand your strengths and weaknesses - The key strategies that help you secure the job as a fresher are first to understand yourself. This means that the best Placement Tips for BBA Students from Sliteresume partners is to understand your strengths and weaknesses.   Without a doubt, your business understanding is as critical as understanding your drivers and passion.  Use the various phases of the placement process as an insight into your competencies and skill set. A smart manager is expected to be clear about his vision and achievement avenues. Highlight these factors in the interview process with relevant examples of your work. Identify the organizational needs and project your efficiency for the job.
  6. Be you! - Remember, the panel evaluating your for the job are experts at their job. Thus, trying to act over-smart will lead you nowhere but the exit. To avoid such a fatal mistake, don't get tensed or upset. A lot of such mistakes start when you lose control over yourself. It is important to understand that the job is equally important for you as well as the expert panel. So relax! Apart from this, be your genuine self and smile. Everyone favours honesty but be cautious - don't end up being too blunt or rude. Be a team player but don’t be a spoilsport.
  7. Brush up your skills - Above all, Placement season is all about being able to showcase your talent and skills for the job. Here, self-confidence and good communication skills are important factors for success. A large number of students with great talent end up losing the job-offer only due to poor communication skills. Engage yourself in speech and group discussion sessions to secure brownie points in the selection process. Make yourself visible by projecting relevant ideas. Speak slowly and lucidly. Accept your mistakes and improve yourself.
  8. Focus on the beginning and the end! - As stated above, the first impression is the right impression. Hence, the first few minutes from the moment you walk into the room are extremely crucial to your benefit. It is termed as the three minutes rule. The panel creates a first impression of the candidate and spends the next half hour validating the impression. Here speaking well and appearing composed can be the best factors for success.

Similarly, the last few minutes to exit are crucial. The ending of the interview creates a lasting impression resulting in immediate evaluation. Thus, these two situations should be timed perfectly. Always wish the members a polite goodbye with a confident handshake.

Note - Remember to thank the interview panel for their time and assure them of being the genuine best, if selected.


Placement session is the turning point in the life of students. A good investment to grooming self and focusing on the essential personal information can be used as a stepping stone to the successful placement. Likewise, focusing on self-assessment through feedback from teachers and friends can be ideal for boosting your chances of impressing the judges.

Even if the above-mentioned subject doesn't work out well for you, SliteResume will assist you in securing the dream job with the right grooming and a badass resume.

Happy new beginnings!

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