Interview confidence tips to nail your next interview

‘It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures" – Oprah Winfrey.

After doing the tiresome work of looking for a job opportunity, shortlisting the best organizations, preparing the best resume, getting through the screening procedure finally the day has arrived when you are going to give the interview for the post you were waiting for and nothing can stop you, mark my words in bold in your head, NOTHING can stop you from getting through this if you have belief in yourself and the right amount of confidence, because even excess of everything is bad!

But you must be nervous about so many things like how to introduce yourself, what should you wear, what should you carry, etc. but don't worry take a deep breath and get through the below points, I am sure these are going to help you out.

1. Stay Positive

The first thing to keep in mind, whenever you are going through any kind of test or interview, is to have a positive outlook. Think that you will succeed in this and if not this then there are many other organizations waiting for you. Let the best one has an opportunity to hire you, as Teddy Roosevelt said, "believe you can and you're halfway there."

2. Keep an eye on your gestures

Your gestures, the way you enter the interview room, your hand movements, the way you stand, the way you sit, this all shows how confident you are. So, there is nothing to worry, you just need to control your thoughts, your brain, because nervousness Is just in your head.
Use your hands while speaking this will portray your confidence and energy.

3. Introduce yourself in the right way

When you go for an interview and the interviewer asks you to introduce yourself, that doesn't mean you have to tell them your whole life story.
The first step for this is to tell them your experience while using some adjectives like Hi! I am John, a hardworking and passionate engineering graduate Specialized in information technology with an overall CGPA of 8.8.

The second step is to tell them about your accomplishments with the proofs supporting them like you can mention that along with your degree you completed the courses like Java, SQL, etc. and how these helped in completing the various projects in your degree.

The third step is to tell how and when you realized that you are a team player. E.g.: during my industrial training I realized that I am a team player and I can coordinate and cooperate with other members easily.
The above points will ease half of the tension.

4. Maintain an Eye Contact

In an interview, it is essential to maintain an eye-contact. Imagine yourself talking to someone and the other person is just looking at walls or looking outside, you will not like it, right? So same thing goes for an interview, whenever you are speaking or even listening try to maintain eye contact. Direct eye contact portrays as a confident candidate.

5. Stay Calm

Even if you don't know the answer or your nervousness is at peak don't lose your cool, stay disciplined, calm and composed. Breathe in and breathe out that's it, this mantra will make you calm.

6. Know the Organization you are applying for

As you are heading for the interview, make sure you do your homework thoroughly as to get some facts about the organization, its share in the market, the product they sell, the services they offer. After all, a little knowledge can be a game changer.

7. Go Well Dressed

As it is said you will never get a second chance to make the first impression, so make it the best. While appearing in the interview your degrees should not only be professional but your outlook too. Make sure to dress properly like an ironed crisped shirt and a trouser with a tie

So, as you enter the interview just walk smartly, keep up a little smile and remember don't fake it if you don't know it. Answer what you know with confidence and end it with a THANK YOU.

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