The Importance of College Internship in a Student's Career

Every college student study hard, to get a good job and a placement well enough to help him in his life. But an internship is not an easy task. Being an intern is just like a starting college life once again as a fresher but now you have to work harder to gain experience and score in their new CV.

This part of life is one of the struggling phases of life because at this time of life you are no more students and it is the first step in the world of adulthood.

This life of Internship is a totally new experience to everyone and starts with new challenges in life. People step into their dreams and then try to fulfill them to their fullest.

From taking experience by working day and night to thinking of a weekend out with friends and then canceling the trip plan this is what real internship life is. Internship after college can be hard but it gives us a new life experience with totally mixed emotions, drama and unforgettable moments.

What is the actual definition of the internship is?

It is a small period of working knowledge which offers an important opportunity to work closely with lots of professionals in your field and to develop your knowledge and experience related directly related to your career goals. An internship helps in providing a hands-on learning experience for young and college pass out students.

Life gives many experiences and when we are in college life we think of becoming a successful person in terms of engineering or whatever field we had stepped into. But we all have to gain experience to go and join bigger companies and thus to gain such experiences internships are given in which student joins and starts writing a new chapter of their life.

With new feathers opened they fly high into the sky of success and after gaining a considerable amount of experience they walk into the gates of success. Internships are a confirmed way to gain appropriate knowledge, skills, and experience while creating important connections in the field. It also helps you develop effective work habits for your future career.

There are many types of internship though but can be classified into two major categories -

  1. Paid Internship
  2. Unpaid Internship

When someone joins this type of internship the intern work for the company and not only gather experience but also get paid for working there. This paid internship happens with big companies and they though look sometimes pleasing but contracts are also there which binds the workers.

Unpaid Internship  

These are small internships but they also provide experience. Just only there is a slight change that they are not paid for their work. Though there are many other options available an internship is an internship and it is only one of the best ways to gain experiences.

Internships are one of the best phases of life and there are many rules which should be followed and can be helpful, specifically being on time, showing leadership potentials at times, being a working group member. The more you work and the more you prove worthy of being a part of the company the more you gain experience.

Some companies who provide internship also bound people with some type of contracts and these contracts should also be taken into consideration while joining. These contracts contain some rules like if you leave the company before a certain period of time then you have to give some penalty for it.

Now let's talk about the importance of internship in every student's life :

  • The most important benefit of the internship is students have to work in a professional environment where they will gain actual experience. You will get to know how will employee's work, your job role, and lots more other things. In the working environment, it is very easy to promote your growth and develop your skills in the working environment. For many students, the internship is the first step to additional opportunities within the same organization, including full-time employment.
  • Internship after college gives the opportunity for every student to attend meetings and events as well. By interacting with the new peoples you will get to know how to communicate better in a professional environment. Keeping yourself flexible and very professional during an internship can open many doors.
  • The Internship is a kind of ladder to your successful career. Lots of the companies are happy to select to those students who are already having this kind of experience as compared to other because companies have don't much ask a student who is just a fresher and stepping out from a college recently.
  • By doing an internship you will get to know about the time management also. When you are working in an organization, that professional environment copes you to follow all rules and regulations including time management. In a professional phase, you will understand the value of time.
  • Internships provide you a kind of ladder you need for your future. Many internship opportunities help the students to create a career. It is a very important thing you should know if you are going to choose your internship then choose your internships on the base of your interests and career prospects. As an intern, you will get the opportunity to get your foot in the door with a company. Before starting to keep this thing in mind, sometimes companies offer internships as a recruitment tool so that they can select their future employee from these and it is sure that you have already heard from lots of the students the companies hire interns after graduation but at some other point they are selecting the candidate for future.
  • Internships are a kind of great tools which improve the chances as a job applicant and help the student to make the best and better potential employee.
So always think before you make an investment in your career and look into becoming an intern.
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