How to stay positive during a job search?

Searching for a job in India is in no way a cakewalk!

Thus, if you have recently left your existing job or if you are a fresh graduate searching for a job then it is really important to understand how to stay positive during a job search.

It has been several months since you are searching for a job.

Your days are filled with countless hours of interviews and job search. The time in between is spent on wondering why you are being rejected by the companies or simply feeling dejected.

If all these are true then it is extremely important to understand how to stay positive during a job search. Moreover, failure is never easy and every rejection hurts badly.

But, all this frustration is natural as things progress on a deviant path. By sustaining a positive attitude you become more resilient. This will help you bounce back quickly in the face of rejection and overcome this life crisis.

For this reason itself, SliteResume brings out these tips to stay positive during a job search -

1. Settle down into a Routine

The waiting period during the job search takes a toll on your daily routine. This makes you a late riser and late sleeper. The anxiety levels are an all-time high.

Thus, it is especially important to settle into a schedule for physical and mental well-being.

Having a daily routine makes you feel more confident and comfortable.

What should a typical routine look like?

  1. A typical day should have you waking up early followed by meditation and yoga.
  2. Post breakfast routine can be used as a job search process. However, put a timeout period.
  3. After that resume your homely tasks like joining the family for tea or go out with friends.

2. Set small goals

Setting small goals for the day or week can remove the hassle of job search. This will keep you active and healthy. On achieving the goals, pat yourself on the back and look for the next one.

This means - searching for one job a day and researching in-depth about the same.

This will keep you posted on the industry trends and boost your employability. Likewise, use this time to the network through LinkedIn.

Further, you may spend this time learning and reading the views of the top corporates.

Alternatively, read out the life story of a business guru and list out the important lessons from them. These can be useful for an application on the job.

3. List your achievements

Make a wallpaper on your computer or phone, listing out your achievements. This will be useful for avoiding the stress associated with the job search.

Each morning, read these lines and rekindle the lost confidence.

Further, if you have worked previously, list your achievements on the job. This may include a solution to routine issues to major career achievements. Use these lists on your next job interview and experience the difference.

Tip: Moreover, these can be put into your specific career achievements and career highlights.

Likewise, freshers can list out similar situations where their teamwork or leadership skills made the difference. Furthermore, having SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat profile) can help clarify the situation.

4. Volunteer

For having the work back in the hand, make yourself useful socially. For this, you can volunteer at religious, social or even local activities.

The advantage will be twofold - keeping you busy and developing a network!

Apart from this, it will look good on your job application and help you gain a step closer to the selection process.

Therefore, you can volunteer for any Non-profit organisation or search for them online.

5. Modify your strategy

If you are desperate for a job then you may need to modify your strategy to suit the requirements of local businesses.

This could mean settling for less than what is present. If this is not an option, widen your job search base or opt for a temporary position.

Further, to keep your motivation high, list out things that are not in your control.

This may include job market, employment opportunities, etc. Now use these to align your resume to such factors. Further, the help of professional recruitment agencies like SliteResume to increase your chances of getting the right job.

6. Stay healthy

There is a silver lining to every cloud. Hence, obsessing over the perfect job will ultimately cause burnout.

Remember, you are not alone in the process. Your friends and family are with you at all steps. Don't forget to take this time to forge closer bonds with them. Go on a vacation that you always promised or simply join over a fancy dinner.

Further, avoid falling prey to vices like smoking and drinking. Make sure you eat right and do not get stuck on the screen.

NOTE: Remember, your next interviewer will be a tough nut to crack if you are not able to care for yourself and end up looking like a shipwreck.

Interviewers would be especially interested in hearing about your present situation and assess you on this basis. So gather yourself and be ready for finding that lost motivation.

7. Staying in the game

It is important to understand that the job search period is not the end of the road. Rather it is a beautiful opportunity waiting for you to reclaim yourself and make fresh plans.

Considering a large number of opportunities available for settlement, reframe the traditional methods of job search and opt for professionals like SliteResume.

8. The figures

Undoubtedly, the unemployment rates in India are not the brightest. Some of these figures are -

  • The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) in its report for FY 2018 pegged the unemployment rate at 6.1%. Moreover, this rate in Urban areas was 7.8%.
  • Another report of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) in August 2019 shows the figures to escalate to three years high at 8.4%.
So, you are not all alone in the job search. However, remember that you will not be the last if you stay positive!
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