How to identify your core interests?

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life!

This beautiful quote from the great thinker Confucius brings out the beauty of having a perfect match between your interests and your career.

Before you begin with your career journey, it is important to understand the core strengths, interests, skills and values that define your individuality. Moreover, the understanding of these strengths and interests will go a long way in propelling your progress trajectory.

Identify Your Core Interests

Before we dwell on how to identify your core interests, let's understand these in a better manner.

  • Skills - What are you best at?
  • Interests - What you love doing?
  • Values - What matters to you the most?

Skills - the competencies we gain through the course of life are the skills.

These are your accomplishments, talent, communication or any similar expertise. These skills may further include -

  • Leadership abilities
  • Team-building skills
  • Team Work
  • Conflict handling or counselling skills
  • Oral or written communication expertise
  • Analytical or quantitative analyzing ability
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Technical skills
  • Creative talent

Interests - reflected in the choice of affinities and activities you prefer.

Identify the areas of interest and the ideas that keep you interested. Once this is done, identify if your core interests match with a career option in your field of study.

Here you can try to answer the following questions to identify your core interests -

  • What subjects do you love the most? Also, ask yourself why?
  • Which project is close to your heart and why?
  • What is your favourite hobby or pastime? Why do you like it?
  • What has been the favourite job or employment offer you accepted?
  • What you loved most about this job or internship position?

Or, you can undertake various interest tests available online or can use the Myer Briggs Type Indicator test (MBTI) for the best results.

Values - that helps you in gaining career satisfaction.

For this ask yourself questions like -

  • Do you prefer risk or stability?
  • What you think works best for you - Variety or routine?
  • Do you like to work in a team or independently?
  • What is better - competition or collaboration?
  • Identify your priorities for work outcomes- intellectual gains, monetary value or ethical standards?
  • What kind of work environment do you prefer?

Combining all three

However, before you try to answer the question of how to identify your core interests, skills, and expertise, it is important to understand that these are not sure-shot factors of career success. Rather, understanding of these will prove useful in resume building, networking, and interviews. The best method to identify these are -

  • Introspect and self assess
  • Identify the work areas that catch your interest
  • Evaluate the above three and their influence on your career needs
"Hobbies are a contradiction, they take work and turn it into leisure and take leisure and turn it into work!"

This was the famous quote by Steven Gelber. But what Mr Steven Gelber missed was the fact that what if one adopts a hobby and turns it into work?

Likewise, before we go all gooey and jumpy on the dream of our hobby turning into a job, there are important factors that influence the choice and outcomes of such success.

These include the close-knit teams, career development, job satisfaction levels etc. Here, the experience gained from the first internship or job will prove to be eye-opening facts about your experience and desires from the job.

Now plan according to following steps -

1. Identify your interests -

Using the above-mentioned points, classify your strengths into the values, interest and skill profile (VIP for short). For easing the process, use the help of friends and family to share with you the core values. Therefore, post this step, you will have your own strength-based inventory for the best results.

Now using these, match them with the available career options for self-growth. Hence, it is utmost necessary to clarify how to identify your core interests match with your career needs.

2. Introspect and identify -

Now for the best results, the summary of your above self-assessment initiative needs to be matched to the available jobs in your career path. Moreover, brainstorm with your friends and family on the best career options available for your benefit.

Note: The best career is the one which matches best according to your values, interests, and skills.

For this, you can read career-related guides or seek professional help in the identification of interest.

3. Choose the best alternative -

From the above-mentioned step, you would have a lathe variety of options to choose from. These are based on your past interests and accomplishments. Take the lessons taken from failures seriously and decide how will it impact your career.

Do research on your available options and the skills required to help in the process. Likewise, research and select the best alternative from the available opportunities for growth.

4. Taking the nascent steps -

Many people believe that by following their dreams, they are already sounding a bugle to their professional career. However, this is not true. Neither is this stage for worrying about factors like age and experience requirements for making the shift.

Share your business vision and network to get the best hands-on experience in the transition process. Moreover, you need to have confidence and self-improvement as your view.

Say, it could be something as small as card design to high-end consultancy services.

5. Take the giant leap forward -

Moreover, it is important to identify and place your core values at the centre of the exploration process. This will help you ease the transition process and gain an advantage through the goal and role clarity.


In the end, if you find all the above steps challenging and confusing, take the help of the SliteResume Career Experts. We will bring you close to the identification of core interests and hobbies through our expert recruitment team. Furthermore, we will help you match your core interests with the right job to ensure that you gain the optimal results in career development.
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