Career Options After MCA - Understanding the Job Opportunities Post Computer Education

Master’s in Computer Applications is a great career option in both India as well as Abroad. Laden with this degree, you will not only have numerous opportunities but also a rewarding career ahead. However, this opportunity also translates into dilemma post-masters i.e. what are the career options after MCA?

Lucrative career options after MCA

A master’s degree in computer applications is a postgraduate program designed to help cater to the technology industry needs. The students receive educational expertise in C, C++, .Net, Web development, Computer networking, robotics, etc. Thus, Career options after MCA arise from these subjects study with top IT companies looking to take top talent into their fold. Thus, career options post MCA are -

  • Software Developer or Programmer - As a Software developer or programmer, you gain the responsibility to design, test and install the software systems as per the client's needs. For this, one needs to have a good command over trending programming languages and also possess creativity.
  • System Administrators - Considering the extent of Information and Technology usage in organizations, system administrators are the lifeblood of the organizations. They ensure that all the hardware and software essentials are accessible and in order. These can also be called as the troubleshooters for they resolve any issues associated with the project delivery.
  • System’s Analyst - As a system analyst, you will be expected to design and innovate the existing IT solutions of the company to bring in more business and increase efficiency. Likewise, you will be expected to understand the present client requirements to bring in more business. Furthermore, you will have to clearly define the client business processes and expected outcomes to bring the right solution to the customer.
  • Robotics experts - A career field with both play and fun, robotics uses the development of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning modules to bring the best in the sector. The common mistake we all make is to think it is a male-dominated field yet that is not true (Read more).
  • Hardware Expert - As a hardware expert, you are expected to work well with the computer peripherals, hard disks, wires, keyboards, printers, etc. As an added responsibility, you will be expected to manage the networking as well as internet connectivity (LAN, WAN, etc.) Furthermore, you may have an excellent career in the design and testing of hardware equipment.
  • Technical content Writer - Here, having technical writing skills prove to be an added bonus if you are an IT expert with excellent command over written communication. You can be expected to write about gadgets, user guides, white papers, project plans, product descriptions, manuals, etc.
  • Web designers and developers - Another one of the important career options after MCA is website design and development endeavors. Such candidates must have a creative mind and eye for detail. One needs to be well versed in developing extensive HTML site design, CSS JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

Advanced career opportunities for MCA students

The above-mentioned job positions are available for you even though the placement sessions organized by your college. However, more jobs are available for MCA students requiring higher skills and expertise. These jobs are typically available through high-end Recruitment organizations like SliteResume. Some of these are -

  • Data Scientist - One of the emerging international job opportunities is in the data science stream. The job is all about reading into the database like market behavior, consumer buying behavior, climate, etc. This job uses constant interaction with high-end technology to achieve a concrete insight into the outcomes.
  • Cybersecurity experts- In the case of cybersecurity, the tools for boosting the immunity against cybercriminals. Cyberwarfare is boosted by high end security experts. They are data driven experts in coding for boosting the cybersecurity settings and protecting against cybercriminals.
  • Ethical hacking - An extension to the above-mentioned job profile. In this case, ethical hacking experts try to test the website for security features and loose ends. Such factors make the website vulnerable to cyber attacks. Therefore, ethical hacking experts try to find a possible breach of the security process.
  • App development services- One of the most popular services offered through the present invention i.e. mobile technology. For every product that is available for consumers, there is an equal number of mobile apps for the same. Every organization wants to promote itself through the booming business development opportunities available on mobile devices.  Be it the healthcare sector to exam preparation, the opportunities for the MCA students are vast (and well paying) in this case.
  • Cloud computing architect - Considering the bulk of data presently kept in online cloud storage service, human resources required to manage them are also in demand. Be it Google, Facebook or any lower-end service provider, the payouts for the jobs are extremely high. It is important to help usable and secure system to maintain these systems.
  • Game designers - Another of the most sought after the field for MCA students, Be it mobile or video games, the gaming industry worldwide is a booming business. This brings healthy excellent opportunity for graphic designers, creative experts, game testers, etc. to attract more downloads and customer engagement. Though this sector is still in the nascent stage in the nation yet the customer base is extremely high. So if gaming is your passion, hone your skills to explore opportunities in the sector.
  • Software Consultancy - A growing career growth awaits you in the software Consultancy sector. You can be responsible for evaluating business needs and suggesting suitable software solutions. This is a prime driver for businesses today and you have the opportunity to work or freelance for the same. However, you must be well versed in the available technologies to bring cost-effective solutions to drive results.
  • Healthcare IT expert - One of the emerging markets for the IT industry is the booming healthcare sector. Due to international assistance and compliance requirements, major healthcare and insurance sectors are driving technology to harness the medical information. Thus, this is further one of the best career options after MCA.
For more details on job opportunities in the above sectors, contact SliteResume recruitment services. Best of luck!
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