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We are on a mission to help 10 Million people get hired by 2025. In order to fulfil our mission, we act as the intermediate between Employee-Employer matchmaking. We match interested candidates with the verified companies using our advanced AI Algorithms.

Apart from matchmaking, we provide a range of services to freshers and working professionals from a diverse background. Each action or the feature implementation is focused toward the goal to help 10 million people.

SliteResume was born out of a need for a better visual resume maker. It was created when one of the co-founders was in a need to create a resume for an upcoming job. She was looking for hassle-free experience and most of the existing solutions failed on that metrics.

Since then we have pivoted into a Recruitment agency to fulfil our goal. We use modern hiring tools and advanced ML algorithms to provide better service to both ends.

Everyone from the team is on the same page and highly motivated toward the accomplishment of the company's goal. Our team comprises of AI Engineers, Product developers and HR Managers working toward the common goal of making the hiring process much better than it is now.


Commitment to Quality

We are committed to delivering quality whether it is on applicants' side or the employer's side. We make sure to always deliver on our commitments.

Constant Improvement

Just like our Artificial Intelligence, we are constantly improving ourselves to provide better service to our consumers.


If you make a had hire using our platform, we take full responsibility and try to rectify the mistake with full accountability.

We learn always

We are constantly interviewing our consumers, speaking with HR Managers and learning from it. We aim to make the Hiring process as much seamless as possible.